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Business Growth
The Growth Journey
Too fast, too slow or not at all .....
Achieving steady sustainable growth is the fundamental challenge for every business.
The pace and scale will be set by your personal goals and ambitions, but one element is certain in the world today - standing still is not an option.
Whatever your destination there will be challenges, set backs and barriers to overcome.
The starting point for any growth journey must be based on a frank assessment of the current situation and the market factors or headwinds that it is facing. Alongside this defining the current business model and the current customer profile enables potential future scenarios to be based on reality. This ensures that when growth goals are sketched out, the foundation is strong and clear strategic priorities can be turned into specific action plans. Every journey requires a starting point, a destination and a route map with specific milestones and measurements - plus the absolute determination to get there.

What do you stand for?
Businesses with a clear sense of purpose grow faster and retain their staff better.
Defining purpose for many is difficult, but it needs to stretch beyond into the principles, values and behaviours which will be essential for success.
Your Why, How, What & Results
Team management & motivation
Goals & Objectives
Values & Performance
How does you business model fit together?
Not only how it fits together, but where are the gaps and weaknesses?
How does it work against your competitors? And where will it be stretched too far and break as you grow?
Customer segements & profile
Value propositions
Financial & Operational model
Key metrics & conversion ratios
“Remember if growing a business was easy everyone would be doing it.” Stephen Dann
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