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Strategy Planning & Facilitation
Develop, plan and implement new strategies
Strategy is the all too neglected vital link between your objectives and the operational or tactical activity which preoccupies every business leader.
As we all know too well today, businesses exist in a fluid and rapidly changing market with many external factors outside our control, new competitors emerging and more demanding customers. Not to mention the challenges of building, growing, re-skilling and motivating your teams. Strategies define the way (how) you will achieve you goals and will in turn specify your operational tactics and activities. It has never been more crucial to get the strategic dimension right.
Strategy planning reviews start with a clear assessment of the current situation of the business and the future landscape which it needs to navigate. A wide range of tools, models and techniques are depolyed to clarify the thinking and understanding before proceeding to develop strategy. Discussion must be facilitated across the senior team so that everyone can contribute their experience, thinking, knowledge and perceptions to ensure that the final solution is owned and comitted to by the leadership team
Results Driven Strategy
“Stephen is a results driven strategist who is a real pleasure to work with.
When you've hit a dead end or you're unsure on how to move forward in a positive and strategic manner, Stephen will always have multiple useful suggestions based on relevant industry experience that help you to get the job done”.

(Managing Director, Petro Chem Consultancy)
Expert Guidance and Facilitation
"We have found this a vitally important, and timely exercise - I would go so far as to say we couldn't have managed the growth we are experiencing without it.
With Stephen's expert guidance and facilitation, we have worked through what growth goals we should aim for, discussed the impact on the business and the staff team, and determined the priorities for an enlarged and growing business.
Stephen has given us the tools to manage our ongoing growth as well as helping us answer some of the challenging, but vitally important, questions about the future direction of the company."
(Business Development Manager, Wireless Technolgies)

“Stephen is an inspiration as a facilitator. His delivery is brilliantly considered and makes all participants feel energised and focused on the task. I'd wholeheartedly recommend Stephen to help lead lead your company explore new ideas and initiatives.”
(Head of Design , Marketing Agency Group)
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