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Webinars & Workshops
Enhance or learn new skills and techniques
Change is the constant factor in all business today either through external forces and events or through a deliberate growth strategy.
Either way your teams will need to be doing things differently in future. They will need to take their existing skills to a higher level or learn completely new ones.
For greatest effect, you should ensure that the skills you develop deliver results for the business as well as motivating the individual.
The concept of "sending someone on a course and hoping something sticks" has long since vanished -  todays workshops are highly interactive, engaging, insightful and use every technique relevant to ensure that delegates gain what they need to excel. Agendas are flexible so the approach can be adapted throughout the course of the programme as learning develops. Delivery can be face to face or remote, intensive or extended, bite sized or banquet, webinar or webmeet - or whatever blend is best to engage and transfer.
100% of goals achieved
“Stephen led us in the 3-day workshop as part of our Horizon 2020 Project. He guided us to focus and define our company vision and key messages.
We had 3 great days with a very professional person but also with lots of fun together.
And we truly achieved 100% of the goals set for the workshop and, moreover, he provided us with a workable methodology to continue improving”.  
(CEO, Biotech, Switzerland)
Priceless! Thank you
"The workshop helped me to assess where we are in our company's journey, challenge any pre-concieved ideas, and plan ahead for a stable, profitable and sustainable business.
It is so important to keep changing as the business grows but it itsn't that easy to see the wood for the trees.
I am now able to assess the current model, define where any weaknesses may be present and identify changes that need to be made. Priceless! thank you Stephen".

(Managing Partner, Financial Services)

"The Business Models and Plans workshop is a fantastic investment of time for any Managing Director or business management team. I did this workshop this week and considered it one of the finest I have ever attended (and I have done a few!). Thanks Stephen. Great job".
(Manging Director, Marketing Agency)
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