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The Marketing Journey
Acquire new customers, keep and grow existing ones ...
A business cannot grow unless it satisfies the needs of its existing customers and attracts new ones too.
This can only be achieved through a deliberate planned marketing process, not through random acts and hoping something sticks.
The sheer complexity of modern marketing tools and techniques makes it easy to get lost and confuse tactical activity with impact.
The marketing journey starts with a fundamental audit of the current situation and status in the marketplace . No business can ever successfully appeal to the whole market so detailed insight and understanding of the ideal customer’s persona is essential to ensure not the marketing strategy is properly focused. This enables the value proposition and the whole hierarchy of brand and messaging to be defined effectively. Once the marketing strategy is set and aligned to the business and marketing objectives, the specific marketing tactics to deliver on that can be specified, scheduled, and turned into action.

Strategy before Tactics?
Marketing in all its guises, enables a business, product or service to attract retain and grow loyal customers.
If your marketing team are purely tasked with tactical activity isolated from both the business strategy and the customer they cannot suceed.
Customer Insight & Persona
Market & Competitor Landscape
Value Proposition
Aims, Goals & Objectives
Whats in your Marketing Plan?
The marketing plan is the foundation which assesses the current situation, focuses the strategy and defines the specific actions and activity to deliver.
It is firmly rooted in the customer and the value they are seeking since this is the only way that sustained growth can be achieved
Situation Analysis
Brand & Messaging
Priority Plans & Action Schedules
Acquistion & Retention
"Successful future marketers must have mind-sets which are Innovative, Curious, Experimental, Fast, Responsive, Rigorous and Disciplined. Only committed marketing professionals need apply!" Stephen Dann
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